Jan 23


Boy Genius started crawling two days before Christmas.  Hooray!!!  I’m very happy for him and excited.  It’s great that he is no longer frustrated and now has all kinds of new worlds to explore.  This new talent was exciting, but also exhausting.  Now, he’s trying his hardest to walk.  I try to make sure he’s worn himself out before we go for a walk in the stroller or run errands.  It’s a whole new set of challenges.  Just when I find my stride, he changes.

For the most part, he is healthy and happy, so I can’t complain.  However, this brings me to my topic of organization.  The more organized I am, the better off I am.  When I have time, I am organizing as much as I can.  I added this little shelf separator for the pans some time back and it’s really useful.  No more searching and banging around for the right size.  I can easily grab it now.


2014-01-20 12.49.20




I also started organizing all those plastic bags from the grocery store.  I found a project on Pinterest where you can stuff your plastic bags into an empty Clorex wipes box and pull them out like kleenex.  I have SO many plastic bags, that I haven’t even made a dent in them yet after filling a large size wipes canister.  It also shows you on Pinterest how to fold plastic bags into tiny triangles.  This seemed like a good idea at first, but is very time consuming.  I’d rather wait until I have another Clorex wipes canister.

Tomorrow, I make falafels from scratch!



Jan 06

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Wow.  The holidays wiped me out.  We were not sick!!  Phew.  However, so many days and dinners with family.  Yikes.  I gained five pounds.  I made it through the holidays without any fights (afaik).  Boy Genius was a popular man.  We had so many parties and people to see.  It was exhausting.  I’m glad the holidays are over and we can get back into our normal routine.  I hope to update more often now that I am not so busy.  I hope you had a peaceful and joyous holiday break!

Dec 02

Countdown to Christmas

New books!!

2013-12-01 14.26.28As part of our count down to Christmas, I wrapped some books up and each night we pick a new one to read.  Books are expensive!!!  I went to Goodwill and found a few children’s books, but we also ended up buying some new ones.   I have 9 total.   What are we going to do for the other 16 nights?  I don’t know…however I have 8 more days to figure that out.


Dec 01

25 Days Until Christmas!

It’s beginning to look like Christmas around here!   I’m glad that I didn’t have to cook on Thanksgiving and now that it’s over, I’m all about Christmas.  I put up the usual decorations and made one new one.


I bought some candy cane sticks from the dollar store and a cheap candle.  I put the sticks around the candle with a rubber band and tied a ribbon around it.  Very easy to do and it looks pretty.  I also got some candy canes to make candy can infused vodka!  haha.  I think candy cane infused vodka will taste great in some hot chocolate.


2013-11-29 18.28.10

Nov 06

Homemade Christmas Cards

I started my Christmas cards early.  I thought it might take awhile to do them, but it actually went pretty fast.  I got some green acrylic paint from Jo-Ann’s fabric store for $0.95 and a pack of 12 red cards that came with envelopes for $5.  I already had some markers in black and silver.   I made these for the family.  I think they turned out pretty well.


2013-11-06 17.47.42

Oct 28


I think our house is currently rid of sickness.  It’s hard to say.  It feels like we have passed a cold around and around to each other for the last few months.  My husband complained of a sore throat on Friday, but he seems to be better now.  I just finished taking antibiotics for an ear infection.  It started as a sore throat and after five days I finally dragged myself to the doctor.  I thought I just had a sore throat, but she actually gasped when she looked at my ear.  I figure doctors have seen everything, so when one gasps, I’m a little concerned.  I asked her if it was bad and she immediately realized the error of her ways.  Her face changed to remove any concern and she said no, my ear drum was just red and swollen and she started writing out the prescription for an antibiotic.  Boy Genius seems ok.  I was so concerned that he was going to get sick again, but so far, he is doing well.  Hopefully this is the end of sickness now for awhile.  I can only imagine it would be way worse if he was still in daycare.

Oct 21

DIY Halloween

Halloween is starting to happen at our house!  I love DIY projects, so this Halloween I have come up with a few fun projects that are very inexpensive.   I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest.  First, I went to the Dollar Store to get candy corn and construction paper.

1. Candy Corn infused Vodka

Flavored vodkas are all the rage now.  However, instead of spending $25 or more on a bottle, I picked up a bottle of vodka on sale at the grocery store and  I bought two bags of candy corn from the Dollar Store.  I put two cups of vodka in a mason jar and added two cups of candy corn.  I put the mason jar in the fridge for four hours.  The candy corn was partially disolved in the jar.  It was a mess.  I strained the mixture through a wire mesh basket.  I had to strain it twice.  I can’t wait to use this to make martini’s on Halloween.


2013-10-21 13.30.17

  • 1:1 ratio of vodka and candy corn
  • mason jar
  • wire mesh strainer

Just mix and soak for four hours and strain.


2. Candy Corn Candles

I used the left over candy corn to make some lights.  I put the candy corn in a small mason jar and added a tea light.


2013-10-21 13.29.40


3. Bats and floating Witch’s hat

I used the construction paper to cut out bats and put them on the wall.  It was super easy.  I printed out the template from Country Living.  You can find it here and I used a little masking tape on the back to stick them to the wall.  Target had a witch’s hat for $3!!!  Score.  I used a little fishing wire to hang it from the ceiling to make it look like it was floating

2013-10-21 12.53.27



Oct 14

Clean a room a day

Now that I’m home and not working, I had to terminate Molly Maids. They came every other Friday and cleaned my entire house in under two hours. It was such a nice way to start the weekend! I loved those ladies. However, I love being with my son more. So, I have started cleaning one room every day. This is actually really difficult. I have 13 rooms total. By the time I clean all of them, the first half will be filthy again. I am trying to thoroughly clean each room with the idea that I will only have to surface clean them for the next few weeks. By surface clean, I mean dust off some counters and vacuum. Some days this is easy to do if boy genius takes a long nap and some rooms are easier to clean than others. I gave myself a break on Sunday. I am about half done and already there are large dirty paw prints on my otherwise clean wood floor upstairs. I’m not sure if this is the best idea I’ve had. I will let you know how it turns out.

Oct 02


Boy genius is sick.  I took him to the doctor this morning.  He’s had a runny nose for several days, but now his eyes are all gucky with yellow slime.  The doctor said he has pink eye.  “Just a bit”.  Yuck!!  The doctor gave him drops for his eyes and suggested I get a vaporizer and nose drops to clear up his stuffy nose.  I got some Vicks drops for the vaporizer and now the entire upstairs of our house smells like Vicks.

I have been letting boy genius sleep in our bed today.  He seems to sleep much longer in our bed.  That has given me lots of time to read my book: “Orange is the New Black”.  I watched the entire first season on Netflix and now I’m addicted to the book.  The book is just as good as the series and not quite the same.  I highly recommend it.  However, I’ve done nothing but read and sleep today.  At least my sinuses are completely clear, but my clothes probably smell like Vicks.



Orange is the New Black

Oct 01


Today was the first day I was home with my son.  Yesterday was my last day at work.  It was such a weird feeling being at home and knowing I had no job.  Boy genius is sick with a runny nose and cranky, so I didn’t get much done.  He just wants me to hold him and nurse him.  Weird day.

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