Sep 28


After talking to my husband, mom and step-dad, aunt and uncle, and friends, I have decided to quit my job!  I will let my job know on Monday that I am quitting and it will have to be my last day since I have no-one to watch boy genius.  This is very difficult because I love my job and I love the people I work with.  I’ve never quit a job that I liked.  AND it pays well!  I must be insane or just insanely in love with my son.


These are the things that I’m going to miss when I have no money:

  • my insanely expensive wrinkle cream: Prevage
  • Starbucks lattes
  • expensive dinners
  • impulse shopping
  • fancy new clothes and shoes


However, there are several advantages to being a SAHM:

  • plant my garden
  • sleep in  (hahaha…ya, right.  that will happen with a 4 month old)
  • not shower everyday 😉
  • see my son grow and smile every day!

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